Quality with ease

Quality in everyday life
April 12, 2019

Quality with ease

When someone asks me what I’m doing, I answer the following statement: I am a consultant and auditor for ISO standards. Oh my God, what does that – most often hear in response !!!

Here’s what it’s simplest terms, even though there are some “foreign” words:

Consultant or advisor for ISO standards is a person who helps companies to introduce in its business principles of quality according to internationally recognized standards (standards).

I’ve been doing this job for more than 10 years. I wish to convey to you on this site the experience I have gained, present you examples of good practices, and bring you closer to all the benefits of introducing quality to your company, the benefits you have and the benefits you will have. I also wish to further demystify all those weird and terrible words as described in Olga Štajduhar-Pađen’s book “Swim with ISO and stay alive”. It introduces you into an expert jargon in a very simple way and provides a more detailed understanding of the concept of quality. It is written first and foremost for entrepreneurs and managers who are moving into a project to establish quality systems in their companies and want to be certified as soon as possible. In that book you will find what, why and how it works and where to look for further information.




It is my basic mission to completely dismantle quality, to show you how quality is included in every pore of your life, and how you are surrounded by the basic principles of quality, only you do not know that they are so called.


I am at your disposal for any questions and concerns

For Quality with Ease

Yours Kristina

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